Easy Docker-based Peer GPU Rental (Training costs 3x to 5x less)

@clipmaker - We’ve implemented the one-time payment feature, so you can pay without having a card on file. If your balance goes negative your instances are first stopped, and then eventually deleted. The $20 promotion credit is gone, but we now give $2 after verifying email and billing setup which is enough for a day or so of GPU time at current prices. We may increase this again in the future, depending on the balance between legitimate users and people trying to just mine crypto with the credit.

Our gpu supply has increased steadily and we now have some new RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti GPUs becoming available soon once some of the docker images are updated.

@DavidBressler - Glad you got a smooth process working. In the near future we intend to setup download caches to accelerate dataset downloads as you are doing there. If you run into any issues or have ideas for improvements please let us know.

What does the arrows next to the internet speed imply? Are those the requirements of my internet connection? Also your chat help does not accept messages.

I believe those are upload and download speeds of the host machines.

Hey, I was not able to create an account. Basically it gives me a server error but send the verification email. But after than I cannot login in…

@bluesky314 fixed!

Hey how does this work exactly, I have 0.1$ credit but when I click on a machine it says- requesting-pending and then nothing.

It’s a fraud. Don’t use their service. I made a single time purchase at But they continue charge money from my card and refuse to remove my card from their system.

Old thread but any recent experience with

Hopefully Filipp’s is an isolated case.

Any views on data security? Their FAQ suggests “simple obfuscation”. Even just encrypting locally then (remotely) decrypting into RAM (with a key entered interactively) seems lots of hassle for little protection. So I guess we rely on trust?

I actually have quiet a good experience with But it took me some time to appreciate it. I have been using for a bit longer than a year now. And in mean time, I spend about 3150 usd for my AI projects. (wow, is it that much).

I needed, because I have a website that makes real time predictions for the data of users. These predictions use AI, so I was in need of strong GPUs to create these predictions. The application was written in C++, which does not really matter now, but the front-end and back-end was written in javascript (angular and nodejs). So, I didn’t just need, I needed an automated way to create instances as well !

Fortunately has a pretty good cli tool, which uses webservices (the project is also on github) So, my back-end basically had to communicate with services to create instances. (multiple instances, and depending on the number of active visitors). So, I wrote a kind of “load balancer” in node.js which spawns new instances when necessary.

It seemed easy, but it was difficult to make it reliable. It took me about 4 months to get it stable. And on many occasions I was actually totally frustrated, sometimes angry, sometimes almost crying. It was a nightmare at first.

The problem is that there are many different suppliers, and many different computer configurations, and probably many different geographical locations. And while you can filter on some specifications, you cannot always predict whether a configuration will actually work, be reliable, be compatible, …
I tried many solutions, but in the end, it was impossible for me (a human) to tell which servers were good ones and which were bad ones. Finally I found a solution: I created software to do this for me.

So, as mentioned, I created a kind of “rating” for vast instances, and I created a microservice which keeps track of this in a database. So, each time the node.js script would spawn a new instances, it would also store statistics about it, and it would store statistics to keep track of the reliability. Once all of that started to work, my vast experience totally changed. --> now when new instances are spawned, it verifies the offers using that rating service, and I have about >80% assurance that a service will actually boot and work as expected. Without this service, it was <50%. Services can run for days sometimes, but sometimes they just run for hours.

The next thing I noticed, was that sometimes instances kept hanging. Their installation would fail and the load balancer had issues to detect this and clean it. Sometimes I would be charged for instances that weren’t even running. (a failed installation) And that’s also when I started to doubt the invoices. Sometimes prices didn’t match with the statistics of my services. In my opinion, this is the weakest point of - There is absolutely no historic data about launch-time/active-time/… and that makes it hard to trust the invoices. I wrote about this to them, but in the last year nothing changed at all. You’re really on your own here.

Which brings us to the next point. Are these invoices even invoices ? - There is no address on them, the date and number of the invoice changes each time you download it. There’s no VAT on them. There’s also no company name, phone number, VAT number, business number, … By the way, there is not even an address on the website. The terms of service and privacy declaration contain no address neither. - I don’t care if is trying to escape from taxes or whatever. But I after a year of using, I am now starting to realize, that I may have unwillingly committed a federal crime by using this service. Just HOW am I supposed to explain this to my tax officer ? I fear that there could be legal consequences for using as a business.

Of course the prices of are super low. And that is basically the strongest point of (but again, only if you find a way - like I have - to make it reliable)

By the way, if you are a business owner and are working on a project and need some kind of load balancer. Feel free to talk to me on bram at zbaduk dot com. I would love to find other people with similar needs, perhaps we can launch some kind of platform or service to make this experience more reliable. (some statistics, some history, some insights, …) bram at zbaduk dot com

Thanks bva for posting your experience. QQ:
Do you consider your data sensitive? Did you take steps to obfuscate it?

Your spawner/balancer sounds pretty cool and I have no doubt there were teething issues!

This is another concern generally I have about, e.g. intend to leave something running overnight but it hangs early and still get charged but with no comeback.

I guess it’s not targeted at business use but still I’d urge any folks to address this ( lahwran ? ) but I couldn’t see anything on their FAQ. I recall they’re using Stripe for payments and started writing that should imply they have a merchant bank account but top Google hit suggests not!

Firstly - impressive work bva - I’m curious about your microservice, sounds interesting for verification.

The legal entity name is “ Inc.”, a Delaware c-corp also registered in the state of California (and you can look it up on either site to get entity numbers, etc). That company name shows up on any simple invoice from the billing page (and is also on the TOS). Being a small US c-corp we don’t have a VAT number. There is a phone number on the site, but it’s not prominent as we prefer support goes through crisp (online chat) or email.

Stripe is our merchant account that we use for all credit card processing. We also naturally have a US business bank account.

Wow ! - I just noticed all the additional details that were added to the invoices.
This really has a big impact for me and my business !

Thank you very much !

The data is not sensitive. And the communication protocol already adds some obfuscation in itself. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to reconstruct anything meaningful from the stream of data, even if I knew the context. :slight_smile: - But I can imagine that this can be important for other applications.

I’ve just noticed that they completely reworked their invoices. It’s really incredibly detailed now, there are addresses, their invoices are correctly numbered, they contain details for active time, download, upload, including the instance id’s, … I’m really positively surprised about this. Great stuff !!