Validation loss not decreasing


I am traning the model and I have tried few different learning rates but my validation loss is not decrasing. below is the learning rate finder plot:

And I have tried the learning rate of 2e-01 and 1e-01 but stil my validation loss is fluctation after few cycles (not like as Jeremy mentioned in 3 lecture it increases and then decreases). Below is my validation loss history:


Can you provide que training a validations plots losses? and also de size of your training and validation datasets.

This way, we could see your model condition (overfitted, underfitted, few training examples, etc …)

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The training set has 20289 images and the validation set has only 5072 images.

Sorry, I can’t provide the plot since I have shut down the kernel, so for that I will need to retrain the model which will take around 2 hours.

The link to my kaggle notebook is , hope this helps.

Ok …

According to what you’ve provide, I think that yout model is overfitted. You can notice this by seing the extrememly low training losses and the high validation losses. That is one thing …

The other, is when you see that behavior in validation losses, one can say that gradient descent is not converging (up’s and down’s … as yours) due to a large learning rate …

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So to overcome the problem what learning rate should I choose?

Like I have tried learning rate of 1e-01 and 2e-01. Or should I reduce the number of cycles?

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Yes … the more epochs you have (not always) the more chances you have that your model is to be overfitted…

While decreasing the epochs, try to explore lower learning rates (1e-1 and 2e-1 can be considered high LR in general for most models) …

Let me know how you go …

I will keep you updated.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @jonmunm,

I have trained the model with a new learning rate of slice(1e-02) and the result are as follows:


Now I am thinking to choose a new learning rate based on lr_find() and again fit few more cycles.

Yes … you should. As a principle of having a healthy model, your training losses shoul be lower than the validation’s.

Use lr_find() to get a range of LR to apply to your model. Consider that Jeremy’s default LR es 1e-03 (as far as I remember)

I still think your LR es rather high

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