V1 API changes too drastic

(Peter) #1

I notice the API for v1 is changing. surely it should be frozen for the whole version 1.0.20 API should be the same as 1.0.30 surely?
e.g. in docs it still says to create a unet leraner like this:

Learner.create_unet(data, models.resnet18)

but it is actually like this now:

unet_learner(data, models.resnet34, metrics=metrics, wd=wd)

how do the version numbers work?

(Haider Alwasiti) #2

Please check the recent breaking changes in fastai here :

(Peter) #3

Thanks for that.
However I would not expect the API to change at all for a major version. If API change you would usually do a version 2.x, 3.x etc not minor point

(Peter) #4

Currently fastai makes incompatible API changes in patch versions, which is typically only used for bug fixes.

maybe i should stick to keras for now or use pytorch and wait for version 2.x when things have settled down?