Using screen might be a good idea

for those who has unstable connection and use ssh console for opening jupyter.

because when you break a connection your jupyter will be closed as well, but when you use screen it is not going to be happen

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You can simply run your jupyter notebook as a background process like this:
nohup jupyter notebook &

But you could still lose outputs from running cells if your connection drops. In such cases you can use screen and write to a browser session that runs on the server.

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tmux is a better choice than screen.
tmux has problems with copying, so I use the following command to get a copy-pastable URL with authentication token:

tmux new -d jupyter notebook
jupyter notebook list | awk 'NR>1 {print $1}'

You also can quickly shutdown the notebook with this:

tmux send C-c y Enter

Don’t do this if you have other things running inside tmux! If you do, then look up how to specify windows/sessions/panes.