Using Pretrained Models from Cadene repository

(Arka Sadhu) #1

Hi all. I wrote a notebook to share how one could use any pretrained models in Pytorch. Fastai itself has a lot of pretrained models. There is also the fantastic library by Cadene which has a lot of pretrained models on imagenet. I show how to use them with the fastai library.

Link to the notebook:

Feel free to create an issue if there is something amiss, or report it here.

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(Alex) #2


(Charm) #3

This problem has plagued me very much, thank you very much.!

(James_Ying) #4

Vary helpful.
I was quite confuse about these problems before.


Is there any way to easily use these pre-trained models in fastai 1.0 too?


Can I use these pretrained models in the current version of fastai?