Using fastai for 3d coordinates

is it possible to make use of Points Item list Item list to predict x,y,z and rotation directions for an object in the image rot along x,y,z axis.

It should work. Think of x,y,z same as any other labels/data points.
Ex - A california dataset has 5 columns - Long, latitude, price, sqaure feet etc. I can choose them to view as x,y,z coordinate. Ex X = Lat, Y = Long, Z = Price. If I plot this, and try to build a model to predict price, I would be able to tell that if price is 1Mm, the house would probably in the northern California or LA or where ever the cluster shows has houses in that range.

Thanks but there are additional stuff pose with angles of rotation pitch ,yaw,roll along with the x,y,z .
There is mask 2d mask provided to weed out the unwanted cars for rest one has to predict the 6 degree of pose .