Using *args with @call_parse


I am trying to the use the call_parse decorator with *args and I can’t seem to figure how to make it work. Here is the function definition,

def timesheet(*args): 

When I call the function in the nb, there’s no problem,

timesheet(2, 'OH', 3, 'CSDP', 3, 'OR')

however, while calling the functions from the terminal becomes a problem

(base) devengqc@17-CN0065CL-1:~/git/projects/personal$ timesheet --args "2, 'OH', 3, 'CSDP', 3, 'OR'"
usage: timesheet [-h] args
timesheet: error: argument args: invalid _empty value: "2, 'OH', 3, 'CSDP', 3, 'OR'"

I’ve tried other combinations as well in the terminal and they don’t seem to work. Is there a way around this? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also, I couldn’t find a category for fastcore, hence I’ve put it the fastai dev category.