Using a model trained in Fastai 0.70 in Fastai v 1.0

I have several AI models for image classification trained with the older (2018) version 0.70 of fastai. Is there any way to import the models or the weights into the current 1.0 version of fastai? They have all been saved as .h5 files in the older version.

Apologies if this is posted to the wrong topic group or has already been answered .

Thanks in advance.


There has been some discussion on that on this topic : Loading pretrained models in fastaiV1 (Ulmfit) You might be able to find an answer there. Basically, if you can match the names of the layers, you should be able to load the weights.

Thanks for that. I checked out the thread, but it seems to be for a RNN model, while I am using a CNN - for image classification. Anyway, will check it out - thanks!