USF daily study group

I’ll be at USF (101 Howard St), room 153 (ground floor past reception and elevators), from around 10a-4p each weekday and have room for about 10 people for folks who want to help me with the course and/or fastai library. Note that this isn’t “office hours” - I don’t have time to help you with your setup/projects/etc, since I have to prep the course. This is for folks who are interested in learning more by helping us out. You don’t need to be advanced, just open-minded and tenacious. Empathy and kindness is also much appreciated. :slight_smile:

(If I’m not around when you come, feel free to grab a seat and get to work!)

On some class days we have a bigger room, as follows:


Hello @jeremy, thanks for posting this option.

Noting for the thread:
Interested - I have prior ML/DL experience (intermediate).

I’d like to help. What a great way to learn.

Glad to see something like this start again this time, one of the best ways to pick up DL skills and contribute to open source IMHO.

Just for clarification, does this include both weekdays and weekends?

Apologies for not mentioning: just weekdays. I’ve updated the post now.

Is there still some room? Would love to come participate.

Yup there is.

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I can come in and help on the same days as scheduled class days, and would be happy to help remotely on other weekdays also. Count me in if that works for you too!

Count me in! I live in Monterey, so I plan to spend the day of class in the city plus the day before and/or the day after.

@jeremy I contacted USF regarding access to the library and they told me there is a dedicated study room at 101 Howard for the Deep Learning certificate students.

Is that the room they meant? Is there any other room students could use for self-study/group projects in case that room is full?

I live on an intersection with a big school, two bus stops and next door to a huge construction project so that’d be of great help! :frowning:

Yup that’s the one.

Generally the day after might be better - same day can get busy!

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That’s great - if you want to help with library dev, then #fastai-users:fastai-dev is the place to go :slight_smile:

I would love to see if there’s anything I can do to help wherever I can! I’ll come in tomorrow on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you!

Looks like the usual room is booked by another program today. I’m on the 5th floor now, perhaps we can find another spot to collaborate!

Hi guys, we moved and are now in the room 450 on the 4th floor! This should just for today, October 26, so future people visiting this thread should assume we are in the normal room: 153.


This is great! I would love to help if there’s still room. I have a couple of days in the week open. I’ll come this Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing you @Chris237