Use ULMFT(Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification)

I have two questions:

a. I want to use ULMFT for transfer learning. From where I can get the model file so I will load the model and use it for transfer learning.

b. I want to build my own model and I am thinking about the following approach, correct me if I am wrong:

  1. I will train the ULM with my own dataset (for word embedding purposes)
  2. build ULM model
  3. Load the model and change the last layer with my label data
  4. Do train and test the model.

Can you see this link:

This should contain all relevant information.

Sorry But I didnt get your reply.
Should I post my question in different cateorgy?

I’ve seen this topic discussed in the forum already. I thought if you have access to the link I shared, you should get some answers.