USA Atlantic Study Group (UTC-4, UTC-5)

Virtual study group for now.

We will work through the material and papers posted in chat the previous week.

This study group for anyone, but is focused on those in timezone: UTC-4 or UTC-5. We likely wont have a chance to meet this run, but maybe in-person will be possible for part2 if it turns out people happen to be close.

Add your name here if this would be helpful for you!



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I would be interested in joining this study group. I am UTC-5, in Miami, FL.

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Welcome @kzacarian to the community, it looks like that was your first post.

Were you able to build the examples and work though the book?

The NYC group is virtual too (UTC-5) – if you’d like to join us tonight at 8pm please do!

(Also welcome and hello @kzacarian :grinning:)

We are in the zoom meeting. See you there

See you in class in a few. If you see an interesting paper being discussed in the class or discussion thread, post the link here to and we can go over it next study group.