Untar_data is not downloading certain datasets and

Untar_data function gives an error “not a gzip file” when trying to download and untar a file.

To Reproduce


I expect the file to be downloaded and untarred
but i am getting an error saying not a zip file


hey, I am facing the same issue!!How did you resolve it?

Your link is 404.

Though I did run into similar situation, I just use terminal to download and unzip the file.

I found I had to leave off the ‘.tgz’ extension from the URL from the fast.ai data set download links.

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I am also facing error on using untar_data function, it says gaierror. I am using kaggle for executing the code of lesson 1 (2019). Can someone help?

I tried to download the same dataset, but I believe the path you want is


Unfortunately it looks like they’ve closed permission to download the file (maybe too many downloads?). Luckily the same dataset has been uploaded to kaggle, and you can download it directly from there.