Unofficial fastai extensions repository

Hello everyone,

While reading the forum I often discover great community extensions (a time serie module, a call back to improve training performances, etc) that I had no idea existed.

To try to improve the discoverability of unofficial extensions, I just created a github listing the extensions I know of : fastai-extensions-repository

The idea is to keep it updated and complete it so that new fastai users have a place to go to get an exhaustive list and developers have a place to reference their work.

I am sure that I missed dozens of them so do not hesitate to add messages in this thread / submit issues / pull requests (at the moment @oguiza and @LessW2020 are over-represented).


I have just updated the repo to take into account the fact that V2 is the new standard. I have not been very active in the community those last months so do not hesitate to add PRs and issues for extensions that I may have missed.

Also, if you are looking for a development project to hone your skills, I noticed that most of the Interpretations extension were not translated for V2: there is clearly some useful work to be done here :slight_smile:

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