UNICEF innovation fund seed grant for early stage start ups

Hello Alumni!

I’ve seen some of the great work that alumni have produced via Rachel and Jeremy and thought the community might be interested in this grant opportunity. The deadline is this Saturday 9/30. Good Luck!

"The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to fund and support, with both data and technical expertise, startups that are working with sophisticated applications of computer science including data mining, data processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others, to help make the world a better place. "



The fine print of the innovation award is that it’s a rolling deadline. the 9/30 deadline is for consideration for the inclusion for a startup cohort. You can still apply if you’re registered in a country where UNICEF operates. Applicants must be a for=profit entity. ( I wrote to inquire about if NGOs / nonprofits can apply, and universities and NGOs are excluded)

Good luck, I hope someone from the fast.ai community applies!

Thank you so much for valuable information!
Do you know, does this project include medical applications?
Just yesterday I visited interesting meetup about creating radiology reports from x-ray images by simple CNN with latest layer as “bag of symptoms”, and it works!
This idea applies big amounts of reports, and might requires text recognition in countries like Ukraine, where I believe reports are still written by hand.