Unable to open fastai.core.script docs

Seems i can’t open https://fastcore.script.fast.ai/. Is it only me? @jeremy

Hi! Were you looking for this : https://fastcore.fast.ai/script.html by any chance?

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Hi @njgroene, actually i’m trying to open the full docs suggested by this section: https://fastcore.fast.ai/script.html#Overview, which is referring to https://fastcore.script.fast.ai/. Any idea?

Indeed, the link doesn’t work!
I think this might be a version issue.

In fast.ai V1 “core” contained all the basic helper functions (see docs at https://fastai1.fast.ai/core.html, or source at https://github.com/fastai/fastai1/blob/master/fastai/core.py)

In the new V2 there is “Core”, covering PyTorch Layers and Loss functions, but other core functionalities have also been regrouped elsewhere (for example see data.core at https://docs.fast.ai/data.core.html, etc)

Long story short, I think the particular page in question just no longer exists, and that you’ll have to go through those other docs depending on what you’re looking for.

Hope this makes sense - if anyone else out there has a clearer picture, please feel free to correct the above :slight_smile: