Unable to locate the downloaded datasets in Google Colab

This might be a straight forward question, but I faced this issue for both lesson 1 and lesson 3. When we run the notebook on Colab and untar the data, can anyone help me in locating the downloaded dataset.
I navigated to the files section of the notebook.
From the below screenshot we can see that the data was downloaded to the root folder, but when I navigate to the root folder and look for the data, I see its empty. Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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Dataset is being downloaded to the folder /root/.fastai. As the folder name .fastai starts with a dot, it is considered a hidden folder and colab file browser doesn’t show it. I don’t know if there is any option to show hidden files in that view.

You should be able to see the list of files in that folder using shell commands - for eg. running the following in a cell:

!ls /root/.fastai

If you want to browse the files from the panel, you can create a symbolic link to the hidden folder, for e.g. by running this in a cell

!ln -s /root/.fastai /root/fai

Now, you should be able to browse /root/fai using file browser panel.


Thanks for responding @amardeep Could you explain a bit about the symbolic links. Found this link and got an idea about it. So is this the only way we can check or access images or labels from the folders?

It is simpler to follow the instructions on this page:

In particular, create a code cell with following contents:

  !curl -s https://course.fast.ai/setup/colab | bash

Then, you should be able to see data and models folder. data folder is what you want.

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