UK study group

Hello everybody,

Are there any other UK-based people interested in creating a study group?

While I’m hoping to watch the lectures live, they’ll be going out at 01:30am to 04:00am our time, which, combined with my job + sleeping + the rest of life, might be tough to keep up.

So I was thinking that if there were a group of us on the same timezone, we could help each-other out, discuss the content of the lessons, etc.

Obviously for now it’d need to be virtual, but it could eventually (one day, once the virus-y stuff is over) even evolve into something with in-person meetups, if wanted.

A bit of information about me:

I’ve been coding since around 2004, and currently work as CTO for a US company. Until last year, my only exposure to machine learning was at university back in 2008. I watched the fastai (2019) videos, and have been trying to better my knowledge since :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in a virtual study group, we could perhaps have group Skype calls and/or Discord server? I’m open to suggestions for anything else too.


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I’m UK-based and would be interested :slight_smile:

Also UK based on would be interested too Lloyd.

Are either of you aware if the stream will be available on demand?

Hi - I’m UK based. I’m a trader specialising in “rates” markets - government bonds and derivatives. I am (was) trying to raise money for a new fund, but market conditions terrible and so taking the opportunity to do this course. I’ve been coding progressively more over the past few years, but am most definitely on the beginner end of the spectrum for this course I would think. Keen to make a group on discord.

I haven’t quite worked out my time constraints yet. My wife is on the front line in NHS and I’ll have childcare for a 1 and 3 year old from tomorrow. Plan to work on the course in the evenings and weekends mostly.

Very keen to collaborate and exchange ideas with others.

Re live stream - I believe it is available on demand.

*Removed Discord, use @lloyd’s below.

@Alex - nice to meet you. I was also a rates trader (European government bonds) in a previous life!

Hi all – Great to hear you’re all interested!

I went ahead and created a Discord workspace:

@alexxcollins21 Nice! I watched the 2019 course videos, and I think you don’t need to be a pro coder to get things done.

Personally, calculus is my weak point, and where I’ve had to do a lot of revision.

I hope everything goes okay for your wife. It must be really tough right now. Best of luck to her.

I can also only work on the course around work, but I think all of us on the same timezone might still be able to help each other out a bit more, hopefully.

Mikaela from USFCA just confirmed to me that videos are usually posted on the course forum shortly after the class session concludes.


oh really?! where did you work? EUR rates is where I have most experience

I’d be interested in a virtual study group, if you’d be willing to have me. I’m an American in Eastern Europe- two time zones aways.

Lloyd set up a Discord, a few folks are on there chatting on and off throughout the day.

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Hi. I see this study group was set up back in March - is it still running?

Is anyone (who’s starting the course about now) interested in a study group?

I don’t play with the markets, but I always find it interesting in times of crisis to see what Berkshire Hathaway is doing, and it turns out that they’ve bought absolutely nothing in 2020 so far. :astonished:

Hi! I just started the course and will be studying the Data Science & ML at UCL in September.
I would be interested in a study group!

Looks like there is another discussion going on here: Fall 2020 UK/EU Study Group?