Ubuntu disappearing disk window problem

(Malcolm McLean) #1

Can anyone help with this annoyance?

Local box running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with internal boot/work SSD and a spinner named “Big Data”. Big Data mounts at startup and shows in the sidebars. I can open a window to it in the disk explorer (called Nautilus?), and list its contents. But whenever I switch to a different program and switch back, that window is gone. I have to re-navigate into Big Data all over again. This issue does not occur with the boot drive. Is there a fix?

One further clue… Big Data is inaccessible from Jupyter, say for listing and opening files, until I once open a window to it manually in Nautilus, even though it shows as mounted. After that, it behaves normally when accessed from a Jupyter notebook.

Thanks for your help.