Two Minute Papers

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to ‘advertise’ the channel Two minute papers on Youtube that I have been following for a while and that produces great content often focused on deep learning. The concept of the channel is to present a recent research paper in a few minutes, which I find amazing.

For example, in his latest video, he presents the article Shape2Vec. The idea of this paper is to create embeddings of multiple representations of the same object in the same space which allows to do super badass stuff like retrieving a 3D model of a car from a basic sketch.

It is not my personal channel but I feel like I should mention that I contribute to this channel by providing french subtitles for some of the videos.


Thanks for sharing Chatal, amazing channel. I quickly went through with couple of recent videos, and found that there is dedicated Deep learning Playlist too,

again, thanks for sharing, i would not find this valuable resource in my library without your post…

I just want to second this recommendation the channel gives a quick taste of some of the latest research with examples of results

I’ve been following this channel! The content is indeed of very high quality. So are the discussions in the comment section.