Twitter and youtube cards are not working on markdown pages

Github repo:
Twitter card problem in site :
Youtube card problem in site:
Hey, @hamelsmu does the cards only supports for posts? or there are any way to support it into

Those only work on notebooks. You have to use liquid syntax in markdown posts. For example:

You can look at the markdown posts that are automatically generated from notebooks (see the troubleshooting guide) when you develop locally and copy that to make it work on markdown

Thanks @hamelsmu for your quick reply.
But even using your method, the twitter card is not apperaing.

toc: true
layout: post
description: A minimal example of using markdown with fastpages.
categories: [markdown]
title: Tweets
permalink: /tweets/

I’ve used the upper codes.

Tweetcards work in this markdown post

Not sure why it doesn’t work in yours perhaps you can try to study the differences closely and follow the troubleshooting steps and let me know what you find

@Abhinavsp0730 I learned that in order for YouTube card to work on my fastpages website, I have to use the embed link instead of the watch link. For example, in my blog post, I tried embedding this YouTube: and I kept getting: An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: XYZ). So, instead I used: and it worked!

Here’s working sample markdown:

{% include youtube.html content='' %}