Tutorial Related Questions

Hey there,

As I go through the tutorial sections, there are some parts that I can’t quite understand the reason a specific structure or method is used. I wonder if there is a place to ask these kinds of questions to discuss the basic foundation of utilized methods for specific tasks. I tried to search in a few places but none of them seemed related to such questions.

Thanks in advance.


I would suggest you check out the video lessons, as they are more detailed and meticulously walk you through each step. This forum can also be very helpful if you require elaboration on or do not fully understand certain parts of the tutorials. You can ask questions about deep learning in general here, ones about the fastai library specifically here, and ones relating to the 2022 lectures here.

Is this helpful?


hi @BobMcDear,

Sorry for the late response. I found the lecture videos a bit slower than the tutorials in the beginning. therefore, I skipped the course videos after the second. I am definitely going to have a look a those as well. on the other hand, I was more interested in asking specific questions based on the tutorial steps. Sometimes, the explanation doesn’t fully explain the necessity of using such a method or style. does the lecture section in forums also answer the tutorial part?

No worries. Yes, you can certainly ask questions about the documentation tutorials in the forums.

Which one is the right one for the tutorials among all?

The Part 1 2022 category is appropriate for most types of questions you might have, particularly since the tutorials in the documentation almost completely overlap with the video lectures. However, if you have questions about deep learning in general (e.g., what is the state-of-the-art architecture for object classification), the Deep Learning category would be more suitable.