Translation of the course


What license is used for the course?

Can I translate the course into Ukrainian and put it on my site?


Thank you @alex for your interest in translating the course into Ukrainian! Here is the post about how to submit YouTube subtitles in another language:

We ask that you do this first, and then we can talk about translating other course materials.

Hi Rachel. Sorry for dredging this very old post. I also have similar question for Thai.

I’m working with a local research center here in Bangkok ( to teach high school students deep learning for free and immediately thought of fastai. My question is: is it possible to localize the content of the courses such as

  1. Run an example of Thai text classification for the NLP notebook instead of movie reviews
  2. Translate texts in the notebooks
  3. Record a video with a lecturer speaking in Thai going through the notebooks

I tried to search through the forums and github repositories but could not find a definite answer. The fastbook repository has GNU General Public License v3.0, which says it allows commercial use (even though we are not charging anything for these planned lessons), but I want to make absolutely sure that what we can adapt them and/or the course for our intended purposes.

Thank you in advance.