Transitioning to fastai_v1

I see that a lot of changes has been made in fastai v1 from the previous version. I am wondering if there is a notebook which covers all the main changes. For example ModelData is now DataBunch, TrainingPhase api arguments have changed etc.

Not yet. Documentation is coming soon, although a migration guide might be a couple of weeks away.

Given the documentation, I will be happy to create a migration guide :slight_smile:


Did a migration guide ever get made? I keep finding examples online of what I am trying to accomplish, but they all reference v0.7 api and i’ve already committed to v1.

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No one talked this task no.
I’m not sure it’s even possible as the two versions have widely different APIs.

This completely escaped me. I agree with @sgugger the new fastai is very different api. It might be possible to create a guide for some small tasks, but it would probably be easier to just read the new fastai documentation.