Transformations during validation and test

I am try to identify transformation (batch_tfms and item_tfms) happing during test and validation in dataloader. I am not able figure out how shall i proceed.

                 batch_tfms=[*aug_transforms(pad_mode='zeros', size=224),
                 path=imagepath, valid_col='is_valid',label_col='label',
                seed=42, item_tfms=Resize(408,pad_mode='zeros'))

I getting predictions from:


I invite you to explore the documentation and then look at the transforms themselves:

Anything inside aug_transforms that’s not a resize isn’t applied to the validation, and any Resize like transform do a center crop on the validation set

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So it means that if we have presize enabled via item_tfms and then resize via batch_tfms, this will work same way for validation and test dataset as well ?

how to override the center crop behaviour of Val set. ?

How to ensure val set follows our own defined resize or crop method?