Transform() got multiple values for argument 'tfms'-Lesson 2

(aradhana) #1

Hi all,

I am getting error while following class 2 for deploying to production…Can anyone please help me on this

(Kevin Bird) #2

I’m not 100% sure, but do you need to pass ds_tfms=get_transforms()? I will test it later if that doesn’t work for you.

Platform: GCP ✅

Got the same issue while trying to deploy a web app on google cloud.


Actually it worked after changing tfms to ds_tfms

(aradhana) #5

Thank you …I wil try :slight_smile:

(Karl) #6

Just ran into this. It looks like the input tfms was renamed to ds_tfms in the latest release.


thanks guys!! i also experience it just change tfms to ds_tfms worked :slight_smile:

(Barry Foye) #8

Is it worth updating the Jupyter notebook? Happy to do it but couldn’t see how. Are the lesson notebooks all sourced from the same repository? So for example, the Jupyter Notebook used on Kaggle is in sync with the Jupyter Notebook used on Google Cloud?