Transfer codes from t2 instance to p2 and vice versa

As recommended, I use the t2 instance when working on the sample, and I switch to the p2 instance when I want use the entire data set. As far as I can I see, these two instances are completely separated, i.e. I had to download and install everything in both separately.

So I guess, that I will need to be copying codes from one to the other throughout the course?
There is no way to make one common directory to access either using t2 or p2?

I guess it’s not possible to have two instances use the same volume simultaneously.
You could store your notebooks without the data on github and push/pull the code around.

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Hey this is definitely possible. I have my own version set up. What I do when I want to switch from my m4 to p2 is turn off the m4, detach the volume, attach the volume to the p2, and then start the p2. I’ve written some AWS and bash scripts to automate this. The only catch is you cannot connect an m4 and p2 to the same volume simultaneously, unless you’re using EFS, but that’s 10x more expensive than EBS which I’m using. Given how much data I’m downloading to play with, I like my setup :slight_smile: