Transcripts for videos

These videos are Gold mine for deep learning. Is there any transcripts available that I can refer back without having to play videos all the time?


I started to work on speech to text transcripts but it’s not perfect. It should be on YouTube in a few days. If you can help correct errors once it’s available that’d be great.

Thanks, Maxime


Google free speech to text translation service could be helpful, one of my friend used it to convert interviews on youtube to translate English text and then run NLP. I was training NLP on the data but I was not directly involved into transformation, I could help if needed be.

Maxine –

I old-fashioned manually transcribed all lessons except for 2 and 3 (maybe this week).

Did you ever post your transcriptions? Where?

Reason I’m asking is I have these .txt files and don’t know where they should be posted.