Train_cats method can't be found. How can I access the documentation of v0.7.0 so I can implement a similar function of my own?

I cannot use the train_cats method as shown in the lesson-1 video.

I get this error:

name 'train_cats' is not defined

Some people have suggested to use fastai version 0.7.0. But those posts are old, and the dependencies for that version can’t be satisfied now.

One option for me is to clone the git repo, and fiddle with the file and remove lines which are giving me the problem. But that risks breaking of functionality.

But implementing my own methods similar to train_cats seems like a better idea. How can I access documentation of older versions?

Or is it simply renamed? Can someone help?

@sgugger, @muellerzr might I expect some help?

In terms of dependencies and changes, is the Machine Learning course still doable? Don’t see a lot of people doing it.

Paperspace has a container for v0.7 and free options, haven’t tried elsewhere.