Tqdm/gc issue with kaggle offline version


I want to submit my solution for the kaggle competion: Mayo Clinic - STRIP AI but I don’t know what to do with this issue:

In that competion the notebook has to run offline which makes it more difficult for me. I don’t know how to deal with tqdm or gc in offline mode.

Could someone help with it or do you have a short workaround?
Thank you very much.

Best wishes

its hard (at least for me) to derive your issue from the screenshot since I can run gc.collect and tqdm in an offline kaggle notebook:

so maybe the problem lies somewhere else.

To tell we need more details, like what imports do you have, what calls did you make and most important, what’s the acctual error message :slight_smile:
The easiest way to get you help would be if you shared your notebook (File>Share, make shure the dropdown has “Public” selected) but at least paste all the code that you think is relevant to the issue and the stack trace.


Its not clear which line the error is occuring on. To help your own analysis, you can make this more visible by putting a print("1") and print("2") etc between each line, and also print the variables. Extract the save path to a variable so you can print it before you use it like this… img.save(save_path)

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thank you very much for your help! That is really kind of you!

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