Tower Defense Game Reinforcement Learning Challenge

Hi everyone!

I am taking part in this tower defense A.I. game:

Unfortunately it is only open to South Africans (like me!) and also not open to collaborative submissions but you are allowed to discuss your solution and the challenge and I was wondering if anyone would like to have a Google Hangouts session about how they would tackle this problem and we can just nerd out :slight_smile:

I have been working on applying reinforcement learning to algorithmic crypto-currency trading and it’s going pretty well. I have a decent amount of experience but would love to have someone to talk the problem through with…

I’m thinking maybe 1 hour on Friday afternoon CET if that works for people…

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Nice music and style from Red Alert computer game :slight_smile:

I’d like to stay updated about this challenge and learn more about reinforcement learning.

If someone knows similar tasks solutions - please share, it might be helpful.

I know this is relatively old now but I am considering doing a personal project along these lines. Was wondering if you found a way to run multiple games in parallel to speed up training!