Torchserve Anyone?

Anyone try out Torchserve with a fastai2 model? I’ve managed to get torchserve working we pretrained models, but not one from fastai2. I’ve tried with pytorch model and torchscript and suspect a custom handler is the fix (I’ll update this post with those results). It looks very promising by way of serving fastai2 models.


Have you gotten torchserve to work with fastaiv1? If you can provide any info regarding the same it would be appreciated. ULMFiT is the model I am trying to use torchserve for.

Not yet, but still trying

Here is an example of using TorchServe host FastAI model

I’m trying to include Fastai as an option in my company but we are struggling with deploying a fastai model with TorchServer which is needed in our architecture.
The main problem, I think, is the step of saving the weights, load in a pytorch model and then, when I try to save the.mar:

ValueError: Modules that have backward hooks assigned can't be compiled: TracedModule[Sequential](original_name=Sequential)

Any clues?..