Topics covered in Fastai course 2020 and its release date

Hello everyone,

Could you please let me know what topics were covered in fastai course 2020 version? Also, any idea when the lectures would be put online?



The course will be launched in July 2020. So it can be expected to be launched by July 2020 end in the worse case and the content can be found here -

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The 2020 Part I course will cover chapter 1-10 of fastbook (


Hi! I am wondering you only asked the question and you only answered it.
I am eagerly waiting for v4 course. Till then, fastai ML and

lol yeah!! I was browsing through the github repo of fastai when I found this information. So, I thought about mentioning it here. I should have prefaced the answer by saying that I found the answer

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Thanks for the information. Interestingly, all chapters of this book are present in the course repository as well. So, they might be covering 10 chapters in depth and the remaining 10 might be for the students to study on their own.

As far as I know the remaining ten chapters will be covered in part 2 of the new course.