Tools for searching for papers!

So in the SF study group Jeremy used two tools for searching for papers:

As someone who had previously been using regular google search to attempt to find papers these have already been invaluable in finding information on things such as how effective various forms of data augmentation for sound have been.

Google searches had tended to send me to mixes of news reports(useless), twitter tweets(no sources), blogs(which tend to be good, but sometimes irrelevant), and stack overflow(too sparse).

Just wanted to share these tools for anyone else who wants to find papers on various topics. Feel free to recommend any that you know of as well! Maybe a site that determines fastest “growing” attention papers? Or maybe most influential in deep learning?


This is definitely my go to, especially once you’ve got enough saved papers to get good recommendations, but I found it had issues lately. Seems to be fixed for now :crossed_fingers: