Tools for saving / tracking / indexing papers and research

(Ben Eacrett) #1

Does anyone have recommendations or care to share what has been effective for them when it comes to collecting, saving, indexing, etc … papers, notes on papers, research and links? I have growing stacks of papers in the office, bookmarks and an ever expanding google drive folder. What have others here had success with for organizing (and perhaps making searchable) these sorts of resources?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

I’ve been using Mendeley and like it.

(Wojciech Czarnowski) #3

Me too

(Nikhil B ) #4

Mendeley is great for highlighting, syncing and reading on different devices etc.
I use OneNote with multiple notebooks for indexing etc. Evernote is great too.
And a web extension to save a set of tabs, like SessionBuddy.

(helena s) #5

oh thank you for the SessionBuddy - haven’t heard about it it, just installed and it seems nice…
I used to be a big fan of Evernote - not so much these days - use it strictly for my grocery shopping lists - dunno, the noble idea of using it as a knowledge store never quite materialized…

(Nikhil B ) #6

Organizing tabs is the online equivalent of tidying up the room :slight_smile: I found evernote useful for handwritten notes with diagrams (Ipad + stylus pen). The PC download version is more ‘professional’ than the app btw.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #7

The main thing I like about Mendeley is that it lets me set up a “watch folder”, where I drop any PDF I want added to my library. And on Android I can “share to” the app from any PDF reader, to add to the library.

(Dominique MIAS) #8

I personnaly use Zotero, it integrates in Firefox to directly save articles.

(Hodges) #9

Hello, Which stylus type/model are you using for your Evernotes and meta moji? I’m using an HP Envy x360 laptop by the way. Sorry if this question has already been answered.


(Cristi Vicas) #10

Hi! Smb reccomended me this site: It is more to see the scientometric data I guess. Are there any new tools that lets you annotate and organize papers?

I will also check out Mendeley.

Thank you!

(Haider Alwasiti) #11

I know Jeremy has Surface pro and a Surface Book. So most likely those.