Tips and Tricks on using cloud computing

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I have many questions regarding setting ourselves up on some of the cloud service providers that Jeremy suggested yesterday, so I thought this might be valuable for others.

If you are experienced with cloud computing environments, please post tips and tricks and any valuable resources you discovered in your journey!

I just decided to try a Pro subscription on Paperspace for one month. I’m also interested in trying to run some of my other work on Paperspace (these algorithms are primarily in JAX). I am struggling to work out how to set up a Python environment (or multiple). I am getting a little tired and installing the same packages at the start of each notebook.


P.S. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place!


Jeremy covered a workflow for paperspace during the living coding sections for part 1 of the course.

Hope these help.


Thanks, Dante! This is hilarious because I can see my face in the video :sob: I need to improve my ability to pay attention!

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Okay, I watched the live coding #4 video link and created the file, opened a new instance, tried importing the fastcore library, and got the ModuleNotFoundError. I think the only thing I didn’t do compared to the video was that I didn’t choose the fastai+paperspace type instance, but I thought that the file would run regardless of the instance type. What am I missing here?

Secondly, it doesn’t strike me as a possible way to set up multiple kernels (i.e. conda environments) that I would do if I were working on projects requiring different package dependencies.

Thats incorrect. Under “Advanced Options” compare the “Command” field between the instance-types.

Review to confirm that it calls


I am did not check the bash Jeremy wrote yet recently but I think we need to add some other stuff for part two course and make sure some of software are the latest version. Gonna try it today to see if I can run in paperspace.

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Does this set up works for part two of the course in paperspace ?
GitHub - fastai/paperspace-setup: Setup a paperspace instance for fastai


Yup should be fine.

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@jeremy as @bencoman pointed out, may need to be renamed to as advanced settings have changed in Paperspace.

He also raised a Github PR which has some great points.