Tiling Texture Images

If you’re interested in doing style transfer for textures of real world objects, I find that you get good results if you tile the image.

For example, say I want to transfer the “style” of a guitar:

Using just that image, the results aren’t great.

It’s getting some of the boxy-ness of the guitar neck, but a better approach is to tile the image like so:

By repeating the image, the guitar neck is reproduced everywhere and so comes out much stronger as the style of this image.

Now, the fret and string patterns are a lot more apparent. You still might not know that this came from a guitar, but the results look great.

One more example:

I think that’s pretty cool. It’s drawing these patterns that are coming from the boxy-ness of the D-pad and such, and we can see the round red spots coming through from the buttons.

In short, I think tiling images like these help you transfer things like texture or design by “spreading out” said design over an image. I.e., two red dots in the image may not be enough to transfer that style, but if you tile and have 20 red dots then the style signal for that comes out much stronger.


OK this is really cool - I’ve never seen this done before… You should blog this! :slight_smile:

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Can i send you over my images and you can style them? :slight_smile:

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@bckenstler This looks awesome

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Great results!

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I think this paper speak about it as well: