Thoughts on Jetson

Does anyone use Jetson for training/practicing? What’s your experience with it? Do you use it over ssh or as a computer? Intrigued to get TX1 for $199 with nvidia’s special discount.

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Hi @petrbela,
I just got a Jetson Xavier Developer Kit and will do some testing in the next few weeks. My primary intention is to find out about its capabilities and maybe later use it for inference in a quality control context (classification and object detection).

Did you get any hardware? What are your experiences?

Greetings from Montreal, Daniel

I didn’t end up buying any DL hardware. I’ve just been using cloud machines, and now I also play with a desktop computer that we bought for video processing.
Sorry I can’t offer much experience :slight_smile:

That must be a :cool: kit How did you find it :question:

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I’m still evaluating. Didn’t make as much progess as I would have liked. Got it to work and run a Ubuntu Linux and connect to the network, so now I won’t have tu use USB keyboard and mouse anymore but can connect to it using ethernet cable (or through a WiFi access point on the same network).
Unfortunately it doesn’t come with WiFi, so it definitely needs a wired connection. Also for the production Jetson AGX Xavier Module it doesn’t seem like there’s wifi onboard - nvidia released it mid-December (

Qbic Technology QAI-300 with nVidia Jetson Xavier NX inside + Linux