These 4 lines will solve 80% of your problems

Well, maybe not 80% … but a lot of them :slight_smile:

Just cd into your fastai repo and …

git pull
source activate fastai
conda env update
conda update --all 

If you do this before you start working/running anything, you’ll save yourself some headaches.

[CORRECTION: added the line to activate the fastai environment before doing the updates]


I will also add a couple of more -

  1. do git status to see if you had changed any existing notebook or Jupyter Notebook Autosaved after you had it open and ran a few cells.
  2. To revert back local changes on the notebook do git checkout -- <filename with path as displayed in git status>

Then run the above steps that WG has listed.


I just tried to do conda update --all and noticed this output,

The following packages will be SUPERSEDED by a higher-priority channel:

pillow:      4.3.0.post0-py36h745f201_0 fastai  --> 3.4.2-py36_0               
pytorch:     0.2.0-py36h53baedd_4cu80   soumith [cuda80] --> 0.2.0-py36cuda7.5cudnn5.1_0
torchvision: 0.1.9-py36h7584368_1       soumith --> 0.1.8-py36_0               

Per this comment, it looks like we don’t want to downgrade pytorch like that. Anyone know how or if we should upgrade given this issue? I’m not so keen to go from a cuda8.0-based pytorch to a cuda7.5-based one.

I’m also not sure how I initially got a cuda8.0-based pytorch. I’m pretty sure I installed using conda with the environment.yml file. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tried… My mortgage is exactly where it was … :frowning:


Could you tell how to enable automatic execution of those commands through a script file whenever my instance is launched.

Yeah I don’t know that conda update --all is a good idea. I’d stick with just conda env update

You and @rob could be right.

conda update --all is going to look at your environment.yml for instructions on what to update. If you aren’t specifying the specific version or wildcarding major/minor versions alongside of the package, it’s going to want to update them all to the latest version.

So I’m kinda conflicted. I can see where it could mess things up, but also where it could fix things in the case of minor improvements (e.g. bug fixes, enhancements, etc…) that aren’t breaking changes.

Me too. I think you’d at least want to change your channel priority in .condarc to add ‘fastai’ and ‘soumith’ at the top.

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That’s true. Or what I usually do is:

git stash