The wonders of the new version of Tensorflow (1.2RC0)

(Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude) #1

A new version of tensorflow is out, and it is awesome:

  • New training next batch function
  • New Experiment function, a sort of CrossValidation for deep learning
  • New video API easily makes video analysis, such as Question-Answer from video
  • Serve multiple models and versions in a single process
  • The new Open Source Sequence-to-Sequence Framework in TensorFlow (tf-seq2seq)
  • Parsey Saurus, A collection of pre-trained models for more than 40 languages which overcomes the challenge of building machine learning systems that work well for languages other than English.
  • And a lot of Open Source tensorflow models available.
    I made a more complete post on HERE (just 4 min) .

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

This is great! Really nice post :slight_smile: I’d love to cite you on Twitter - do you have a twitter handle I could use? (If not - might be good to make one, since that’s where most DL discussion tends to happen.)

(Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude) #3

Thank you very much, Jeremy.
This is here the Twitter handle for this post :