The future of the course

Hi there! What will the impact of the start of the new venture of Jeremy Howard be on the future of this course? AI/ML is changing very fast it seems, so I’m a bit worried the content might be out of date the coming year?

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Jeremy did drop some hints during this interview

I think, maybe the community should also step up


Thanks for that!

So, he is still thinking about the best way to teach AI (like guided by LLMs as an example). That sounds good enough to me :slight_smile:

Also, the stuff in the course is full of the basics we need to understand anyway, so I am going ahead with it!

PS we can already do an mvp version of LLM guided learning. Just split your screen in two: chatgpt and side by side and ask chatgpt anything you don’t understand to explain it to an 10-year old child.

This is still the best place for AI. The tools and libraries may start showing some age soon. But I dont know any better place for the timeless basics.

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That was very insightful to watch.