Thank You Sylvain and Good Luck!

Today I learned that Sylvain (@sgugger) s leaving

This comes as a surprise to me, and I bet to many members of the community. When I think of, I think of Jeremy, Rachel, and Sylvain, so for him to leave really feels like an integral part of is leaving. Nevertheless, I am excited to hear you are going to work at Huggingface, a great deep learning company!

I would like to say thank you for your contributions to the community. You have contributed so much. Here are some of the major contributions I am very grateful for:

  1. Co-designing and contributing the two versions of the fastai library, which has made deep learning accessible to so many people
  2. Helping with the two iterations of the MOOC and helping to answer all of our questions during the course
  3. Co-writing the upcoming fastai book, which I am sure will help many people around the world!

Thank you for all of your contributions, and thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions! You have played an important role in all of our deep learning journeys!

Good luck at Huggingface :hugs:!


I said this on Twitter but I’ll echo it here:

Thank you so much for all your amazing work in both this library and the course overall. Without your fantastic ability to help us through our very dumb problems while navigating the library I’m positive at least myself (and many others) would not be as far in this library right now! I’ve personally learned more about contributing to large open-source libraries from you that will help carry over to my future, something I would have not experienced without you. So thank you and best of luck @sgugger and best of luck at HuggingFace! :slight_smile:


Yes! Huge thanks for the monumental contribution across the lectures, code and book, you’re work has had a huge impact on me and on so many others learning DL here. Best of luck with the new adventure!


Thanks y’all :slight_smile:


Who’s going to lay into us about not posting the full stack trace for our exceptions now?


I wish you all the best!!

Thank you for the contributions to the library and what is more all your help in the forums.

I am gratefull for all the patience you had with me!


I’m not leaving the forum entirely, so I’ll make sure to bother y’all again with that :-p


Thanks for your many contributions to the fastai community. I wish you the best in your new adventure!

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All the best @sgugger, Thanks for your amazing contribution.

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fastai has just lost a huge talent. Sorry to see Sylvain leave. Thanks for the amazing and inspiring work.

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All the best @sgugger Your contributions to the fastai community made has huge impact in many of our lives.

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All the best for your next step and thank you very much for your help and sharing your knowledge - I learned a lot!

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Thank you Sylvain and best of luck in your future endeavors. We all have benefited greatly from your work on

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Thank you @sgugger! Most of my doubts had already been asked before on this forum and the discussions almost always ended up with a response from you. Highly indebted to you and the rest of this wonderful community :slight_smile:

Wish you all the best @sguggers on new assignment & thanks a lot for all the help you provided on forums.

Yes Sylvain, THANK YOU from down under. Your contributions have been fantastic. There isn’t much that I can add spart frommy best wishes for your new life at huggies.
Cheers, Peter Kelly.