TextList missing from 1.0.22

I pulled the latest course files from github and the imdb notebook references TextList which is missing in 1.0.22.

I see TextList in fastai/text/data.py but I guess it has not been pushed out.

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They’re probably doing a build before tonight’s class. TextList is part of the latest codebase along with what looks like a bunch of other goodies.

Data blocks FTW :smiley:

It will be.

Its been painful trying to figure out how to use the new API for NLP data that exists anywhere other individual files in your filesystem. But I was just looking at the latest and I see support for .csv files and DataFrames where both text column(s) and label column(s) are stored in a single file.

This is fixed now

As in 1.0.24 is out, with TextList added

yes, but i get a new error…

If you remove that ‘cols=’ param - at least no more error.