Text to Music

Perhaps you’ve already seen this, but this was totally new to me, I just learnt about Mubert - mubert.com

They have an API which allows you to generate music via text and I’m eager to try it out :slight_smile: But I thought I’d first write about it in case this is of interest to others.

There’s a GitHub repo with examples of how to generate music from text prompts so that you can play around with, but I believe you’d have to sign up at the site above for an API key to do so. Here’s the GitHub repo:

Update: Still playing around with the notebook and haven’t gotten it to work yet, but you don’t have to sign up on the site. The notebook has a cell which gets you API access (though I’m not sure if that is allowed by Mubert or not — so use at your own cognizance …)

But there is a demo video on YouTube if you want to see how it works before diving in …