Text is illegible Prediction/Actual/Loss/Probablility

I have created a prediction model, based on what was explained in lesson 2 by JH. I have a doubt that I don’t know if it is a configuration problem or if I did something wrong in the algorithm. When I included the following instruction "interp.plot_top_losses(5, nrows=1) the result is as follows

The text with the results information is illegible because one text is mounted on top of another. Does anyone have a clue how to correct this problem?

Have you tried to increase nrows? You are passing nrows=1 so all predictions are stuffed into that one line and since the corresponding texts are wider than the images they overlap. You can give each image more space by spreading them over several lines (nrows=3 say). Another thing you could try is passing figsize=(20,5) (fiddle around with those values) which tells pyplot, which plots the figures, to use more space of the notebooks canvas.

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