Text Data visualizations

Hey fellow fast.ai learners,
I am working on an online review NLP task. The task is similar to Sem Eval 2014 Sub Task 4 - Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis. Can someone put forward some suggestions for good visualisations related to text-based data for a presentation? I’ve tried the following

  • Tensorboard t-SNE
  • Word Cloud
  • Frequently occuring Bi-Grams and Tri-Grams
  • Scattertext plots
    Please note the target audience of the presentation is not very comfortable with t-SNE type viz
    Any other recommendations will be very helpful


What in particular do you want to display? Problems with wordclouds is that they don’t give you a great idea of the distribution of words. You could try cartograms with word frequency instead, or network graphs for your related ngrams.

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