Tentative lecture schedule?

I know it was posted somewhere but I just can’t find. Anyone have a link or know of the lecture schedule? (or has it not been set in stone)

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All the info (with calendar links) on the welcome post by jeremy !

6:30-9 p.m. (Pacific)
Mon Oct 22
Tue Oct 30
Thu Nov 8
Tue Nov 13
Mon Nov 19
Tue Nov 27
Wed Dec 12


Thanks guys! I just forgot it was in the welcome email! Mea culpa.

@miwojc you might have gotten the date of the last class wrong. The calendars say it will be on Thu, Dec 6th

Ah the last class has been moved. Dec 12th is the correct new date. Perhaps some kind person can created corrected calendars we can link to?

@jeremy, i’ve created calendar with the updated dates: https://framagenda.org/index.php/apps/calendar/p/aFfyacBZJErfRTbF/Fastai-Live-Practical-Deep-Learning-For-Coders-Part-1-Fall-2018
don’t think i can modify the ‘about the part 1 v3 category’

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Thanks @miwojc - don’t most people use Apple and Google though? I think that’s why the original calendars are in that format.

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sure, let’s check if @herchu could update the calendars he created in google cal and iCal. thanks @herchu !
btw. the framaagenda can be downloaded as iCalendar File as well.

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Thanks @miwojc for the heads-up.