Tabular_learner ignores ps argument

Hi, I am confused. Should I not be using fastai 2.0.11? I think it was recommended in the latest version of the course, but I am having a lot of issues with it. For example, tabular_learner does not use the ps argument as it used to. Is 2.0.11 a development version or how am I supposed to add dropout to the layers? Or is it generally not recommended to use the tabular_learner anymore?

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You should be. You need to pass in a tabular_config as denoted in the docs: (model parameters and Learner parameters were separated, just as they are with the language models)

For getting started with tabular I recommend reading the docs and my notebooks: (this was shown in the Bayesian Optimization one)

Thanks, I saw the tabluar_config before, but somehow overlooked that I can pass it to tabular_learner(). Thank you.