Tabular Learner and Embeddings Sizes

Hi. While using the tabular learner, we can let fastai decide the appropriate sizes or use emb_sz to force a desired dimension.

These were my dimensions as established by fastai as defaults:
>[(3, 3), (553, 55), (119, 23), (4, 3), (3, 3)]

Now, I deliberately forced the second (553x55) to 10:

learn = tabular_learner(data, layers=[1024,192,15], metrics=accuracy, 
                        emb_szs={'Ticket': 10}, 
                        emb_drop=0.3, ps=0.75, callback_fns=ShowGraph)

But nothing has changed:
>[(3, 3), (553, 55), (119, 23), (4, 3), (3, 3)]

Could someone check if I’m doing mistakes or it’s the library which actually ignores emb_szs?


Hey. Did this get resolved for you? If yes, then could you share what you did?
I was having a similar issue and my mistake was that I was using “user” instead of “userId” in emb_szs.