Systematically lower accuracy e.g. on State Farm

Hi everyone,

I’m really enjoying the course, but I’ve been struggling with my (validation) accuracies being systematically lower than they were for Jeremy. Between 20% (for preliminary sample testing) and 10% (for my final model) lower.
I started shift-entering through the notebooks (forbidden, I know…) to try to identify what the problem was. I still got much lower accuracies despite using exactly the same code. (Included is the script from the State Farm sample testing that I saved to illustrate this).

This issue has applied to both Cats and Dogs and State Farm.
Regarding State Farm, I have checked that the validation and training sets contain different drivers.
Generally, I’d love to know if anyone has any thoughts / had a similar experience.
Is there some change from Keras 1 to Keras 2 (which I’m using) that would make my results different?

Many thanks for any help!

Hi @ganesha123 anesha123, I’m doing the 2018 course with the fastai/pytorch models, and I’m getting about 10% lower accuracy / loss than Jeremy’s video on validation set too. I’m running my own DL box with a 1080 GPU (not 1080Ti). nvidia-smi shows driver version 384.130.

The good part is that all the code runs, and better code runs better, but it’s always a little worse than Jeremy’s results.