SwiftAI To Do List

(Wayne Polatkan) #1

Coming out of a SwiftAI community meeting, we thought it’d be good to have a running to-do list for people to get involved, and tighter communication between the core fast.ai team and wider community.

The idea is to have a list or table of the planned parts of SwiftAI and their current progress. That way someone who wants to contribute can see at a glance what needs help, and hopefully it’ll be easy for everyone in and around fast.ai to be on the same page about what current priorities and challenges are.

@jeremy & co, if you like the idea could you turn this into a wiki?

Below is a starting framework for SwiftAI’s current state of development. Feel free to edit.

SwiftAI is built from a series of Jupyter notebooks. A piece of software is developed, documented, and tested in one notebook, and is imported by the next. The notebooks in the swiftai/nbs directory output Swift modules in swfitai/Sources/SwiftAI/. You can learn about this development technique in course-v3 Part 2: Deep Learning from the Foundations. Lessons 13 & 14 are specific to Swift.


  • << wish-list & planned functionality, along with current status >>


  • Dense Layer
  • SGD
  • Adam
  • Once Cycle
  • to-do


  • to-do


  • all unimplemented

Build Notebooks:


(Wayne Polatkan) #2

@fkautz and @marii helped build up this idea in the latest community meeting [thread]. We were trying to pin a definite answer to what needs to get done and where’s a good place to start contributing.

Note: I think this is “Composable Software”? First actual example of it that I know of. I think DARPA had a solicitation looking for something like this recently.


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Thanks for the idea @borz! I’ve made it a wiki.


(Parker Schuh) #4

@Borz I think all notebooks (using the nightly toolchain) are fixed now if you want to verfiy and update.