SwiftAI To Do List

(Wayne Polatkan) #1

Coming out of a SwiftAI community meeting, we thought it’d be good to have a running to-do list for people to get involved, and tighter communication between the core fast.ai team and wider community.

The idea is to have a list or table of the planned parts of SwiftAI and their current progress. That way someone who wants to contribute can see at a glance what needs help, and hopefully it’ll be easy for everyone in and around fast.ai to be on the same page about what current priorities and challenges are.

@jeremy & co, if you like the idea could you turn this into a wiki?

Below is a starting framework for SwiftAI’s current state of development. Feel free to edit.

SwiftAI is built from a series of Jupyter notebooks. A piece of software is developed, documented, and tested in one notebook, and is imported by the next. The notebooks in the swiftai/nbs directory output Swift modules in swfitai/Sources/SwiftAI/. You can learn about this development technique in course-v3 Part 2: Deep Learning from the Foundations. Lessons 13 & 14 are specific to Swift.


  • << wish-list & planned functionality, along with current status >>


  • Dense Layer
  • SGD
  • Adam
  • Once Cycle
  • to-do


  • to-do


  • all unimplemented

Build Notebooks:


(Wayne Polatkan) #2

@fkautz and @marii helped build up this idea in the latest community meeting [thread]. We were trying to pin a definite answer to what needs to get done and where’s a good place to start contributing.

Note: I think this is “Composable Software”? First actual example of it that I know of. I think DARPA had a solicitation looking for something like this recently.


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Thanks for the idea @borz! I’ve made it a wiki.


(Parker Schuh) #4

@Borz I think all notebooks (using the nightly toolchain) are fixed now if you want to verfiy and update.



Hi Everybody

Sorry to jump on this thread but GDrive does not work on Swift due to the authorisation box not appearing in the colab notebook.
How to run a script shell in google colab for Swift? which contains the analysis so far. I have tried it with chrome and firefox. Can anybody notify colab of this problem please.

Regards Conwyn

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